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Home - Angels Online Wiki

Copyrights for Angels Online logo, monster images, item images, icons, maps and other screen-shots from the game belong to game creators and providers so ...

Catchable Pets - Angels Online Wiki

List of Catchable Pets: Wind Elf Fire Elf Water Elf Earth Elf Mutant Earth Fire Goblin Wind Lord Fire Lord Water Lord Earth Lord Slarm Field Mouse ...

The first appetizer - Angels Online Wiki

The First Appetizer. Summary. Beelzebub's first test is to find the food material for one of his students called Mayole. Information ...

Production Armorsmith - Angels Online Wiki

What`s a Armorsmith? A Armorsmithis a producer class. It makes different kinds of armors , for all warriors class. Gathering Skills Required ...

Food - Angels Online Wiki

Icon, Name, Effect, Duration, Required Level. 5198.gif, Low-level Biscuits, Restore HP +50, -, N/A. 5285.gif, Low-level Magic Grass, Restore MP +40, -, N/A ...

Fire Pet - Angels Online Wiki

Name, Fever Train (Ranged Atk). Spells, chaos-phoenix-fire.gif Phoenix Fire Single Ranged Atk | Fire Dmg | Corrosion Dmg - chaos-fire-trap.gif Fire Trap ...

Wildwolf - Angels Online Wiki

Name, Wildwolf. Description: A very large, shaggy, grey wolf. These are not tame . Don't feed them. They like to hunt in packs, and are quite dangerous in ...

Ancient - Angels Online Wiki

The Precious Treasure. It is not easy to guard the ancient relic. What's worse, a very precious treasure has been captured by the smokers. ...

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