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Title: United States Arbitration and Mediation

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Selecting Cases to Send to Arbitration

Selecting Cases to Send to Arbitration Does the dispute have any of the following characteristics? If so, put a.

Selecting Cases To Send To Mediation

Mediation works because it (1) brings the parties to the bargaining table; (2) educates the participants; and (3) lets the mediator work behind the scenes ...

Sample Agreement to Mediate

The following document is provided as a sample only, since Agreement to Mediate forms vary slightly by content and form between jurisdictions.

Arbitration Questions Answers

What is arbitration? Arbitration is a method of dispute resolution in which a neutral third party, an arbitrator, conducts an evidentiary hearing and/or ...

Arbitration Clause

A business contract, lease or other written contract may contain an arbitration clause. By using such a clause, the parties to the contract agree to ...

USAM Sample Contract to Arbitrate

Parties The parties to this Contract to Arbitrate are: Dispute to be Arbitrated The parties submit the following to arbitration (describe all areas of ...

Sample Mediation Clause

A business contract, lease or other written contract may contain a mediation clause. By using such a clause, the parties to the contract agree to mediate ...

Training Services provided by United States Arbitration and Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Services from USA&M.

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