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Title: Dragunov dot net - Dragunov and PSL Sniper Rifle Information

Description: - Dragunov dot net is your source for information on Eastern Bloc sniper rifles including the Russian Dragunov SVD and Tiger, Chinese NDM-86 ... is placed on a server with IP: gets 43.99K page visits per month from search engines via organic keywords.'s SE organic traffic cost could be evaluated as $20.14K (this means the sum of money siteowner would pay for such traffic if it's bought in PPC systems).

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Dragunov dot net - Dragunov and PSL Sniper Rifle Information - Dragunov dot net is your source for information on Chicom and Eastern Bloc sniper rifles including the Russian Dragunov SVD and Izhmash Tiger ...

Places To Shoot in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding region.

A comprehensive list of rifle and pistol ranges in the San Francisco California Bay Area.

Dragunov dot net - Izhmash Dragunov Tiger - Custom Versions

For the discerning Dragunov owner, Izhmash offers hand-built rifles from its Legion division. This would be comparable to a gun manufacturer's "custom shop" ...

Dragunov dot net - The Iraqi Tabuk Sniper Rifle

Iraqi Tabuk sniper in 7.62x39. Uses standard Kalashnikov mags. Not much is known about the Tabuk rifle in the US. It appears to be based on a Zastava ...

Dragunov dot net - Russian Izhmash Dragunov SVD

7.62 mm Izhmash SVD. Caliber: 7.62mm x 54r. Operation: gas. Locking: rotating bolt. Feed: 10-round box magazine. Muzzle velocity: 830 m/s ...

Dragunov dot net - NDM-86 Owner Range Reports

Feb 7, 2006 – Click for Soviet sniper Soviet Sniper interview · Click for Finnish sniper Finnish sniper interview. Posted with approval from The Guns ...

Dragunov dot net - Finnish Sniper Report

(Soldier in these photos is not the person who sent these emails). "It's not the equipment or the money, it's about training and that cold will..." ...

Dragunov dot net - Make Your Own Ammo - Tips

Some Tips on Reloading: The Dragunov SVD, like many military gas operated rifles , was not designed with reloading in mind. There are a variety ...

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